HTS is the only complete system for the quantitative and objective evaluation of the fine motor skill, i.e. the movements that require precision, speed and independence of the fingers.

The evaluation of the motor performance of the hand can characterize the nature of multiple diseases that involve both cognitive and motor disorders. In this context, HTS can provide valuable help in assessing the level of disability, progression and effectiveness of pharmacological and/or rehabilitative treatment in many pathologies due to traumatic events or neurodegenerative processes.

HTS can be an useful tool to evaluate:

  • indirectly, the integrity of the central and peripheral nervous system and any degenerative or traumatic diseases that involve the parts devoted to the control of fine movements;
  • the severity of injuries and traumas in the articular, bone and muscular systems involved in making the fine movements;
  • the outcome of a surgical operation aimed to restore the articular, bony, muscular and nervous components (or parts of them) involved in the execution of the fine movements, starting from the comparison between the pre- and post-operative performances;
  • the progression of neurodegenerative diseases diseases and assess the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments.

Medical device according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745



The heart of the system is the light and comfortable sensorized glove that can detect the contact between the thumb and each finger of the hand (finger tapping). The exercise can be performed by a single hand or both in a predefined or customizable sequence by the operator.


The gloves are connected to a convertible tablet included in the system, which allows you to transport and use HTS in any environment (Clinic, Hospital or home), without the need for connection to mains supply or Internet.


The simple and intuitive software allows the execution of the exercises and to monitor their correct execution.The protocols can consist of a simple sequence of touches between the index and thumb finger, or involve all the fingers of the hand. The sequences can be performed at a speed chosen spontaneously by the patient, or at maximum speed, or following a sound stimulus (metronome) included in the software.

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October 12th, 2019

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October 10th, 2019

57th SICM National Congress - 15th AIRM National Congress

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May 18th, 2019

IRCCS “S. Maria Nascente ”- Fondazione Don Gnocchi, Milano

Training Event on "Assessment and treatment by means of wearable systems of manipulation and grip deficits"

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October 4-6th, 2018

14° AIRM Congress - 56° SICM Congress. Pordenone

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